"A page-turning apocalyptic tale and promising debut novel."

"A gripping post-apocalyptic tale...A terrifying spin on the possibilities of extreme rhetoric will chill readers with its bleak image of the failure of humanity and the futility of fighting massive climate change."

Publishers Weekly

Bridgett M. Davis (Into the Go-Slow)

"This evocative, near-future story imagines our misuse of Earth as resulting in a wan and failing sun, making it both timeless and contemporary. Against a haunting, apocalyptic southern landscape, and with a panoply of rich characterizations, this beautiful novel is a cautionary tale about the power-hungry who rise from the ashes of a lost and dying world. With page-turning twists, the writer makes us care deeply about the small band of survivors making their way against violence and fear and the unknown – toward a brave new world. Ember begins with a small, glowing flame of intrigue and originality, then grows into a fireball of dazzling plot and prose, bursting into a literary tour de force."

David Leavitt (The Two Hotel Francforts)

"Though set in the American South, Brock Adams' first novel, Ember, recalls to me the speculative fiction that emerged out of Eastern Europe in the latter half of the twentieth century: absorbing, brave, smart, and (in the best sense of the word) destabilizing."

Michael Farris Smith, (Desperation Road and Rivers)

"Ember burns with imagination and wrestles with chaos, and combines these two to create a visionary novel of a world gone mad, where the line between good and bad is smeared with gray, and hopeful points of light rage against the darkness."